Sustainably farmed, natural prawns from Bangladesh

Sustainably farmed, ethically sourced, all-natural black tiger prawns, fresh water prawns and harina prawns from Bangladesh. TotalFood Processing’s offering is unique because no other frozen food processing operation in the country incorporates the same stringent quality standards into its building, equipment and food preparation practices. TotalFood is the new standard bearer for Bangladeshi prawns and frozen seafoods.

Bangladesh is home to the most mouthwatering prawns available, whether it’s fresh water prawns from the southwestern delta or harina prawns from the Bay of Bengal. The Sundarbans region, meanwhile, incorporates the world’s largest mangrove forest, a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its gentle tidal range and mineral-rich soil feed the farmlands to the north of it, providing the perfect environment in which black tiger prawns can flourish.

TotalFood’s ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat product ranges include tempura, torpedo and butterfly king prawn finger foods.

Black Tiger Prawn

Penaeus monodon
The Bangladeshi black tiger prawn, or bagda chingri, is a geographically identified crustacean specific to the northern Sundarbans delta of the rivers Rupsha, Pashur and Shibsa. Meaty and rich in flavour, the black tiger prawn is beloved of gourmet diners everywhere. Widely regarded as tastier than vannamei prawns (also known as whiteleg or Pacific white prawns), TotalFood’s black tiger prawns are sustainably sourced from carefully selected aquafarms.
Available as: head on, shell on (HOSO); headless, shell-on (HLSO); peeled and deveined (PD); packed in block; semi-IQF and IQF; raw or cooked.

Wild Catch

Harina (Brown) Shrimp, Metapenaeus monoceros
Chaka (White) Shrimp, Penaeus indicus
Cat Tiger Shrimp, Parapenaeopsis sculptilis
Firm textured, yet mild in flavour, the Bangladeshi harina prawn is typically offered as both wild catch and farmed.
Available as: peeled undeveined (PUD) raw or cooked.

Fresh Water Prawn

Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Also known as the river lobster, giant river prawn, giant fresh water prawn, king prawn or galda chingri, the fresh water prawn is much larger than its shrimp namesake. TotalFood’s all-natural fresh water prawns tend to be larger and more tasty than Vietnamese and Indian alternatives.
Available as: head on, shell on (HOSO); headless, shell-on (HLSO); easy peeled (EZP); packed in block; and IQF.

Adding value

TotalFood has the research and marketing skills, the manufacturing and processing capacity, and the export and distribution facilities to partner with clients in developing bespoke products and product lines. Its ability to create coated (breaded or battered), ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat and finger foods to your exacting standards place it in a unique position within the Bangladeshi prawn industry. White label branding options are also available to those wishing to extend their market presence.


All prawns are available as:

Head on, shell on
Head on, shell on
Head on, tail on, body peeled
Headless, shell on
Headless, shell on, easy peel
Peeled, deveined, tail on
Cooked, peeled, tail on
Cooked, peeled and deveined
Cooked, peeled and undeveined
Peeled and deveined


A large proportion of the prawn carcass cannot be eaten (30-45%, depending on the species), and is therefore usually disposed of during processing. Not in the case of TotalFood Processing, however. It has advanced plans to repurpose discarded prawn shells and fish scales into Chitosan. A polysaccharide or polycarbohydrate, Chitosan has a range of useful commercial and biomedical applications. These include as an agricultural seed treatment and biopesticide, a component in the manufacture of self-healing polyurethane paint coatings, and as an antibacterial agent in bandages.